PhotoSweeper 2.0

Smartphones make it a little too easy to take a ton of photos. My biggest problem is that I take too many shots of the same photo without ever going back and picking the best one. PhotoSweeper 2.0‘s aim is to help fix that problem. It can scan your library and group similar ones together so that you can eliminate the ones where your eyes are closed or someone isn’t smiling. It supports iPhoto, Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, as well as folder based image libraries.

With version 2.0, it’s been redesigned for Yosemite and has even faster performance. PhotoSweeper can locate a series of photos and help you keep the best one. It supports all the major image formats and can even compare PDFs and videos.

If you’ve got a library full of duplicates, PhotoSweeper may be the app to use. If you are planning on migrating to Apple’s new Photos app, now is a good time to get your library cleaned up.

It’s on the App Store for $9.99, but there is a free demo available as well.