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Jorge Quinteros


Jorge Quinteros

These days there are a plethora of fine caffeine establishments in Brooklyn. No matter what neighborhood you find yourself in, a great cup of joe is always nearby.

One shop I’ve been anxious to visit is Crosby Coffee in Crown Heights. The name is a tribute to Crosby Gaige, under-celebrated author of the New York World’s Fair Cookbook. I had seen lots of gorgeous photos of this shop on Instagram, showcasing its pristine white interior and wooden furniture, everything beautifully lit thanks to all the soft light streaming through those expansive windows.

It’s a rather small coffee shop compared to others I’ve frequented, with seating for maybe 12 people. The first time I walked in, I was surprised to see how different the layout was from the Instagram photos. They had essentially taken over a portion of the seating area and converted it into a makeshift kitchen.

I purposely visited the shop around 3pm because it would have been impossible for me to capture the serenity of the place during morning rush. The place is tiny, after all. I had a caprino (goat cheese) sandwich and an iced coffee.

My barista, Zack, was incredibly generous and personable. At one point he was willing to make drinks just so I could capture photos of the coffee being prepared.

Speaking of, Crosby Coffee serves coffee from New York-based Plowshares Coffee Roasters.