Petutu Clear Mesh Zipper Pouches (Pack of 8)

Much like having a good set of packing cubes helps you organize clothes and other large travel necessities, sometimes you just need a way to organize your smaller everyday items — pens, pencils, cosmetics, medication, grooming tools, small toys for kids…the list goes on.

These Japanese-made clear mesh zipper pouches are perfect for the job. They’re made of a sturdy, fine qauze material that’ll take a beating yet remain lightweight, see-through, and fast-drying. Whether you throw them in your travel bag, keep them around the house, or use them at school, they’re a great way to keep your things orderly and easy to access.

This 8-pack is $9 on Amazon and includes four 8.86″ x 7.09″ pouches (two blue, two gray) and four 8.07″ x 5.51″ pouches (again, two blue and two gray).