PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

Ever had a dog who’s always so curious about whatever’s on the other side of a fence that they’ll chew holes in it or try to dig under it? You should check out the PetPeek. It’s a hard acrylic dome window you install in a fence, gate, or a door (if you have an inside dog who’s always scratching at it) so they can see what’s happening on the other side and satisfy their curiosity.

It’s pretty easy to install, and comes with the necessary hardware to do so, though the included bolts are a bit on the long side for some surfaces. All you’ll have to bring are some safety glasses, a tape measure, a pencil, a circle saw, and a drill.

You can put it at whatever height works best for your dog, just make sure it’s a stable surface such as wood panel or vinyl fencing, a wooden door, or drywall. Also, if you’re intending to install this on a shared fence, don’t forget to ask your neighbor for permission first.

Get the PetPeek for $32 on Amazon.