Personal Body Unit Index [Kickstarter]

I once read a tip that it’s useful to measure the length of your index finger, so you always have a “portable ruler” wherever you go. Others do something similar by measuring the distance between the tips of their thumb and pinky finger when spread completely apart.

Now there’s a Kickstarter project for something to help you keep track of these types of measurements: the Personal Body Unit Index. Created by the folks at CW&T, this 12″ x 39″ poster is a meticulously designed “cheat sheet” with a series of 17 diagrams where you can fill in your personal dimensions.

Why would you need this? Because it’s ingenious, that’s why:

Why did we make this?

Che-Wei’s Mom often does this weird finger walking thing along the edges of furniture, fabric or random stuff. She knows that the spread of her hand from thumb to pinky measures 18cm. So she can quickly size things up. We always thought this was funny, until we realized that it is GENIUS and we started to copy her.


They have the thumb-to-pinky one on there, with the addition of:

  • Foot length
  • Cubit (length from elbow to fingertip)
  • Fathom (the tip of one hand to the other, i.e. your “wingspan”)
  • The diameter of your thumb + index/middle finger
  • …and more.

Once you’ve made the measurements and filled out the chart, hang it somewhere it can be easily referenced anytime you need to measure something with your body.

The Kickstarter project has almost reached its funding goal with 25 days to go (as of September 11th, 2016). Back the project for at least $25 and you’ll get a Personal Body Unit Index of your own if they succeed.