Perch Sit-to-Stand Desk [Kickstarter]

Before reading the rest of this post, Google “sitting is killing you” and read a few of the resulting articles. I’ll wait.

…Oh you’re back? And now you know why standing desks are important? Good. Let me point your attention to a new Kickstarter campaign for the Perch sit-to-stand desk. It’s a wooden, puzzle-like contraption that can be set atop a table or typical desk (freestanding or cubicle) and lets you customize the height of your work area whenever and wherever you like.

Notches throughout the desk allow you to easily move work surfaces up and down to a suitable height for you, while side hooks on every desk surface prevent any wobble once in place. There are no screws or bolts anywhere, making Perch easy to assemble wherever you take it. Its Baltic birch wood construction is quite light yet surprisingly strong, allowing the desk as a whole to hold 280lb without issue.

The Perch desk comes in two sizes:

  1. 29″ wide for a single monitor. Comes with two side walls, a backboard, a baseboard, the main desk, and the solid upper desk. (6 pieces)
  2. 38″ wide for two monitors + extra desk space. Comes with two side walls, a backboard, a baseboard, the main desk, two split-level desks, and a non-split upper desk. (8 pieces)

Back the project before November 1st, 2015 to get in on the rewards (they’ve already far exceeded their funding goal, just two days in). $199 will get you the 29″ version of Perch, while $249 will get you the 38″ version.