Peraco Wooden Docking Station & Nightstand Organizer

You know that saying, “A place for everything, everything in its place”? I’m a big proponent of it, as anyone who’s ever worked with me in person can tell you. I get real anxiety about things just being left around all willy-nilly with no system. There has to be a system, people!

That’s why I love this wooden “docking station” for keeping one’s desk or nightstand organized. Made from two pieces of durable pine wood, this attractive and functional little organizer is designed to keep several items and trinkets in one place: your phone, wallet, watch, eyeglasses, keys, a ring, earbuds, and a pen or two. It even comes with a separate wooden coaster to set your coffee mug on.

Here’s a rear view:


Now, you should know that there’s a whole market of these things made in various styles. Run a search for “wood phone docking station” or “phone wallet watch pen organizer” or “wooden nightstand organizer” and you’ll see what I mean. There’s also one on Etsy worth checking out.

That said, the one I’m linking here today is a good starting point that covers the important bases and would make a great gift for someone. It’s currently going for $31 on Amazon.