Pelethor Fireproof and Water-Resistant Document Bag

Having your home destroyed by a natural disaster is one of the worst things that can happen. Not only do you lose a roof over your head, you might also lose the important documents you need to get back on your feet, along with treasured and irreplaceable photos or other memorabilia.

In the event of a catastrophe like this, you need a way to protect those belongings. Something that can be grabbed and easily carried as you rush outside and away from danger. Something like the Pelethor Fireproof Document Bag.

This large rolltop backpack employs a double-layered silicone-coated fiberglass woven material that can easily endure temperatures exceeding a standard 1,100°F house fire, with a zipper and velcro strip at the top of the main enclosure that are both fire-retardant as well. You can safely keep birth certificates, passports, important photos, other documents, some emergency funds, and a laptop in this bag, without fear of those things going up in flames.


The bag is also constructed to be water-resistant — though not waterproof, so don’t go submerging it if possible — so it should hold up to heavy storm situations as well.

If you want peace of mind and protection for your valuables in the event of the unexpected, this is the bag for you. Get it for $40 on Amazon, which is a small investment indeed compared to what you could otherwise lose.