PDFpen 2 for iOS

Smile Software has long been one of our favorite Mac and iOS developers. PDFpen and PDFpenPro are incredible PDF apps for the Mac. PDFpen is also a great iOS app. Smile Software has just released PDFpen 2 for iOS. Some notable new features are:

  • Universal app
  • iCloud Drive support
  • Ability to add a password to PDF files
  • Setting annotations to an author name
  • New editing bar for easy access to popular tools

You can buy it on the App Store for $19.99. Smile Software also has 2 bundles on the App Store that is allowing for upgrade pricing for owners of PDFpen 1. There are 2 bundles. One is for owners of PDFpen for iPhone. The other is for owners of PDFpen for iPad. This is the first time I’ve seen bundles used to allow upgrade pricing, so you will want to check both bundles to see which one is cheaper for you. Bundle pricing is dependent on what you paid for the original version (retail price vs a sale price).

FYI: Smile Software has been a regular sponsor of Tools & Toys, and we thank them for their support. This, however, is not a sponsored post.