Pastebot Public Beta for Mac

Remember Tapbots’ original Pastebot app for iPhone that came out in 2009? (Man, the screenshots at that link are a real throwback.) Well, the makers of such fine software as Tweetbot and Calcbot recently announced the public beta for Pastebot for Mac.

Put simply, it’s a versatile clipboard manager that stores text and images you’ve recently copied so you can quickly retrieve them later, and lets you apply various custom filters to actually transform text as you paste it. With these filters you can create HTML lists, generate Markdown links, convert a sentence to title case, convert rich text to plain text, and more. It’s pretty neat. The app also has a built-in blacklist for things like 1Password and Keychain so it won’t accidentally store passwords you copy from those places.

As of right now (September 4th, 2016) there’s no telling how long the app will be in beta. The quickest way to have it released to the public is to test the app (for free!) and give them good feedback about it. Just know that, since it is a beta, you should expect bugs and for some things to simply not work yet, like data sync.

If you’re wondering why they released the beta for Mac rather than bringing it back to iOS where it started, Tapbots co-founder Paul Haddad (@tapbot_paul) had this to say on Product Hunt (bold emphasis mine):

Until we can have apps running continuously in the background on iOS, the experience for this kind of app there is never going to be great. We copy/paste far more often on Mac and so that’s where we focused our energies. Pastebot 1 was an iOS app with a small Mac component. Pastebot 2 is a full-fledged Mac app which should eventually have an iOS component.

Grab the Mac beta here.