Pällo “Coffeetool” Group Head Brush for Espresso Machines

When it comes to doing basic maintenance on your espresso machine, one of the tasks that can be easy to forget about is cleaning the group head (where the portafilter goes in) of oils and coffee debris. The cleverly designed “Coffeetool” by Pällo makes this much less of a chore.

On one end of the ergonomically angled handle is a dosing spoon for scooping the appropriate amount of backflush detergent when it’s time to clean. At the other end is a nylon-bristle brush head insert for scrubbing the shower screen and any other nooks and crannies you can find on the group.

A nice touch they added to the brush insert — which, by the way, is totally replaceable after wearing out — is that if you take it out of the handle, you’ll find a steam wand vent hole cleaner underneath, which you can poke into the steam wand tip to remove mineral deposits and milk residue clogs.


As you’re going through all this machine backflushing and cleaning, be sure to have a microfiber towel at the ready to clean up any liquids or other matter that fall out of the machine.

The Pällo Coffeetool is $15 on Amazon and comes in black and red.