Camera Bag Review

The Think Tank Retrospective 5 is the smallest in a series of rugged, understated camera bags that won’t break the bank. It will keep your precious gear safe from anything, even — and perhaps most importantly — from prying eyes.

iFlicks 2

We wrote about the original iFlicks a few years ago. It has since been replaced by iFlicks 2. iFlicks 2 is my favorite app for converting movies and TV shows while also embedding metadata, artwork, and subtitles.


As my freelance business has grown over the years, I’ve had to come up with a more automated way to invoice, submit receipts for reimbursements, and track project expenses. Freshbooks has been a great solution for me for the past few years.


Bloodline is a new Netflix original that follows the Rayburn family. The Rayburns are a prominent family of their Florida Keys community. When the black sheep of the family (Danny) returns home for the 45th anniversary of the Rayburn House, he threatens to disrupt their comfortable life by exposing family secrets. My wife and I watched it over the course of a few days, and I was pulled right into the story. The cast of characters is fantastic, and the story is gripping.

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