The Sketchnote Workbook (Giveaway)

At the end of the week we’ll be giving away a copy of The Sketchnote Workbook to someone on our newsletter list. The Sketchnote Workbook is extremely impressive and its relevance extends far beyond the art and practice of sketchnoting itself.

Photo Essay

These days there are a plethora of fine caffeine establishments in Brooklyn. No matter what neighborhood you find yourself in, a great cup of joe is always nearby.

Circles 2014 Coffee Mug

As much as I would’ve liked to, I didn’t get to make it out to the Circles 2014 conference. But hey, if I drink coffee out of their enamel coffee mug while repeatedly watching the short film they shot for it, it’s almost like I was there…right? Guys?

Lagom Magazine

‘Lagom’ is a brand-new lifestyle magazine co-founded by Elliot Jay Stocks and Samantha Stocks. “Lagom” is a Swedish word meaning “balance”—such as that between work and play—and the magazine is all about people making a living out of their passions. A fitting name indeed.

For Freelancers and Agencies Only (Sponsor)

If you’re an agency owner you already know how hard it can be to manage your team and clients. We’ve integrated the project management tools you use every day so that your team doesn’t have to constantly remember to fill those timesheets out and they can focus on the work that really matters. Find out how Dashable can help your agency succeed. Sign-up for a free 14-day trial at

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