The HRT Campfire Mug

If there is one thing we love at Tools & Toys, it’s coffee and coffee gear. We have not one, but two guides on awesome coffee accessories. I’m a sucker for a great looking coffee mug, and the He Reads Truth Campfire Enamelware Mug is going into my wishlist for Christmas.

Rindle: Simplify Your Workflow (Sponsor)

If you are jumping between tabs in your browser to track down work, or sifting through email to remember something you had to get done, then you are wasting precious time each day. Let Rindle keep everything in one central location for you.

Camera Lens Review

Standard primes around the 50mm focal are some of the most popular lenses around, and manufacturers have had decades to learn how to make them efficiently. In designing their first standard prime lens for the Full Frame E-mount system, however, Sony took advantage of all that knowledge, then flipped it on its head to create one of the most remarkable pieces of glass we’ve seen in years.

Camera Accessory Review

This mounting clip by Peak Design creates a secure docking point for your camera, allowing you to carry or manipulate your equipment easily and securely. Because when you’re handling important stuff, it’s always better to use two hands.

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