Dewalt 4-Tool Combo Kit

This 4-tool combo kit includes a 1/2-inch drill with a 2-speed transmission, a 1/4-inch impact driver with LED light ring, a 6-1/2-inch circular saw, and an LED work light. Awesome.


I’ll admit it: I’m a home screen junkie. I love to look at other people’s iPhones. Do they use folders, what’s on their dock, which email app do they use? I also believe that looking at other people’s home screens is a great way to discover new apps. The folks at Betaworks agree with me. They have released #Homescreen for iOS.

Cabins by Philip Jodidio

Cabins is a book that dwells into the idea of getting away from the noise of life in 2014. It’s about getting away from the vibrations, the dings, and the phone calls. As you explore the book, you’ll find different types of living environments that look to be minimal and isolated. I’ve often wondered about what it would be like to cut off all the gadgets and live in isolation for a few months. Most of my great ideas have come in the times where there is no music, podcasts, or social media. It’s come from when I’m sitting in silence. Get it on Amazon for $47.18.

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