Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a new game for the iPhone and iPad. It’s an endless snowboarding game with incredible lighting, sound, and an ever changing backdrop. To be frank, it’s stunning. After finding out about it on Twitter, I immediately purchased it. I wasn’t prepared for how much fun I’d have. It’s incredibly easy to learn, but it will provide endless hours of fun. It’s the perfect “in the waiting room at the dentist” type game.

Backpack Review

The $170 backpack from everyone's favorite Seattle-based, Made-in-the-USA bag company isn't the largest backpack on the market, but for someone with my needs — basically something just bigger than a messenger bag — it's hard to beat.

Velo Coffee

One of the best kept secrets of Chattanooga, TN is Velo Coffee. Back when it was first launching in 2010, Andrew Gage sold his car in order to get started. When his wholesale business in Chattanooga started growing, he made deliveries on a bicycle. Fast forward to 2015, Velo Coffee is continuing to grow. With a focus on customer education, Velo is wanting to provide world class coffee whether you are at home or in their cafe.

Tally 2

Tally 2 is a quick way to count anything on your iPhone. Its design allows you to work without even looking at your phone. It supports multiple tallies, so you can keep to access history (game scores, etc). With Apple Watch support planned, Tally 2 would make a great app to use at the ball field, in the classroom, or on family game night.

Camera Tripod Review

Travel tripods are a very particular product category, where manufacturers need to make just the right design compromises in the pursuit of ultimate portability. As one of the most affordable carbon fiber tripods available, the SIRUI T-025X manages to tick all the right checkboxes in impressive fashion.

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