TextExpander 5

Smile Software has released version 5 of TextExpander. TextExpander is one of those apps that I immediately miss when I’m at a Mac other than my own. TextExpander saves you time and effort by expanding short abbreviations into frequently-used text and pictures. Version 5 includes some new features that I’m enjoying.

Bicycle Pannier Review

Although significantly cheaper than some other bags, the Ortlieb Back Roller City Panniers retain most of the major features that are synonymous with the German brand, including their signature waterproof construction. No matter how you look at them, these are incredible performers that punch well above their weight.

Monowear Apple Watch Bands

Ever since I saw the Apple Watch for the first time, I knew that it would be a popular item for accessories. Even before Apple announced their third party band program, Monowear Design was already planning out their strategy. With a successful Kickstarter campaign, they began manufacturing a host of bands. While these bands are not officially “Made for Apple Watch” according to Apple’s program, I can confirm they work well. Monowear sent me a few bands to sample, so I wanted to run through my thoughts on them.

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System

The Arlo smart home camera from Netgear is a completely wire free camera. It operates on Wi-Fi and is powered by CR123 lithium batteries. Netgear reports that a set of batteries will last six months, but your usage will vary depending on temperature and usage. The cameras go to sleep until they sense motion. The Arlo is weatherproof, so you can put it inside or outside (includes night vision).

Watch Review

The magic in Apple Watch lies in what it can't do. There is no web browser. There is no App Store on the device. The Apple Watch allows us to have access to great technology, but still live in the real world.


CloudConvert is one of the tools that I’m simply thankful it exists. It’s a web based tool that can convert anything to anything. Do you have an ePub than you want to be in Kindle format? It can do it. Do you have some FLAC files that you want in AAC? CloudConvert is your tool. With nothing to install, it’s incredibly easy to use. Since it’s a web based system, it’s not relying on your computer hardware in order to convert. This means it potentially can move a lot faster without slowing down your local machine.

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