Group Text+

Group Text+ has immediately found a spot on my iPhone home screen. You can create pre-set iMessage groups, share pre-set snippets, and even share GIFs through the Giphy built in search. At just $1.99, this app is great for iMessage junkies. It can save you from the embarrassment of including the wrong person in a new group message. It also includes an iOS 8 extension for sharing from others app.

PhotoSweeper 2.0

Smartphones make it a little too easy to take a ton of photos. My biggest problem is that I take too many shots of the same photo without ever going back and picking the best one. PhotoSweeper 2.0‘s aim is to help fix that problem. It can scan your library and group similar ones together so that you can eliminate the ones where your eyes are closed or someone isn’t smiling. It supports iPhoto, Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, as well as folder based image libraries.


MilestonePod is a really interesting device for runners and walkers. On first glance, it looks basic. It doesn’t look high tech at all. By design, it’s simple. It’s attached to your shoe, and it’s always tracking your runs/walks. You can then sync the device over Bluetooth to their iPhone or Android apps. There is no start or stop button. You simply get moving, and the device tracks your steps. At $25, MilestonePod is a really in-expensive fitness tracker for runners of any kind.

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