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Camera Review

This second generation Full Frame mirrorless camera is an evolutionary step-up from the original Sony α7. Sony rights many of the α7’s wrongs here, while building on the same core features that made it so successful in the first place, creating another winner in the process.

Camera Strap Review

The Loop 3 goes from securely-at-your-hip to ready-to-fire in under a second and provides the next best alternative to having a camera in your hand. It is the perfect sling for a trip around the historic part of the city or for a pristine walk in the forest.

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System

The Arlo smart home camera from Netgear is a completely wire free camera. It operates on Wi-Fi and is powered by CR123 lithium batteries. Netgear reports that a set of batteries will last six months, but your usage will vary depending on temperature and usage. The cameras go to sleep until they sense motion. The Arlo is weatherproof, so you can put it inside or outside (includes night vision).

Camera Bag Review

The Think Tank Retrospective 5 is the smallest in a series of rugged, understated camera bags that won’t break the bank. It will keep your precious gear safe from anything, even — and perhaps most importantly — from prying eyes.

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