Connected Camera Review

Never one to pick up a 'full-fledged camera', my wife happily pops the DxO One in her bag on a trip to the beach or while out with friends, and that may be the absolute best use-case for a camera like this.

Camera Lens Review

The ultra-wide angle zoom has long been a staple in the landscape photographer’s kit. Though not perfect, this Sony/Zeiss collaboration delivers great optical performance, hitting many of the right notes with only a few minor issues. It’s a keeper.

Pastebot Public Beta for Mac

A versatile clipboard manager for Mac that stores everything you’ve recently copied so you can quickly retrieve it later, and lets you apply various custom filters to transform text as you paste it.

BESDATA iPad Air 2 Case

Apple’s accessory products are not always the cheapest. So when I needed to purchase 160 iPad Air 2 cases for my job, I knew I couldn’t afford $50-$100 per Apple case without breaking my budget. Instead, I ended up purchasing the BESDATA Smart Cover on Amazon. It comes in multiple colors, supports unlocking the iPad, and comes with a front and back…

PlayableART Ball

20 colorful, interconnected wooden balls that can be easily twisted and turned into a number of shapes. Fun for kids and idle office workers.

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