Introducing the New Uuni 2 (Sponsor)

We spent the last 6 months refining the Uuni to make it even better. It’s now faster to assemble, easier to adjust the temperature, and it’s made out of beautiful brushed stainless steel. Use the code code “toolsandtoys” for $20/£15 off your Uuni 2 during out launch week.

Camera Review

The X100T is the camera for people who want to jump off the technology train and remember what it means to pursue great images instead.

Squooshi Reusable Food Pouches

My wife recently found the Squooshi Reusable Food Pouches. They make it possible to buy a big tub of applesauce and make your own applesauce pouches. If he wants a second helping, all you have to do is refill it. They are incredibly easy to clean with warm water and dish soap. The bottom is sealed with a high quality zipper, and we have had no issues with them accidentally opening or leaking. They come with a reusable twist off cap for the top, so they are easy to travel with.

Unbound for Mac

Apple’s iCloud Photos is a popular option for Mac and iOS users, but I’m sticking with my folder based organization. There are some good options for iOS when using Dropbox to manage your photos, but you are left with a sub-par viewing experiencing on the Mac, though. Folders are great for back up and organization, but it’s enjoy your photos. Unbound is…

Fountain Pen Review

Today, the Lamy 2000 is a piece of history. It fits in the same conversation as Charles and Ray Eames’ iconic lounge chair, Dieter Rams’ Braun wrist watch, and Sori Yanagi’s perfectly weighted flatware — timeless products with an infinite life and a market defining form factor.

Magwear Magnetic Wristband

There is nothing worse than losing a screw when working on a project. I happened to lose one the other night while taking apart a 2009 MacBook Pro. The Magwear Magnetic Wristband is designed to eliminate lost screws. It includes a 1.25″D x .25″ Neodymium magnet. Neodymium is one of the most powerful magnets on the planet. It can easily be attached to your drill, wrist, or even your belt. It weighs less than 3 ounces, so it won’t weigh you down much. When you take out a screw, drop them in the tray, and then, they are easy to find when you need to put them back in.

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