Last Child in the Woods

Children in 2014 live a very different life than the one I did in the late 80s and early 90s. Instead of iPads or iPods, we had Nintendo and Super Nintendo. And we didn’t spend our days in front of them. We spent them outside playing wiffle ball, hide-n-seek, and putting lighting bugs in a mason jar. Last Child in the Woods is a book about the differences between today’s children and the ones from decades ago.


I love news, and I love audio content. Umano is an app that is aiming to be at the center of those mediums. A few months ago, Instapaper added the ability to have your iOS device read your saved articles to you. It’s a nice feature, but it’s a computerized voice that is reading. Umano is news from around the web that is narrated by the people. Imagine if you had someone reading your Instapaper backlog to you? That is Umano.

Gear Guide

Like an iPhone, your knife is only useful when it is with you. And like phones, you are only going to use the knife you actually like. Here's our guide to finding the right pocket knife (or knives).

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