Star Wars Saga in Digital Formats

I’ll never understand why it took this long to release Star Wars digitally, but it looks like the wait is finally over. Tomorrow, it will be released on all the major digital video stores. Along with the movies, there are a host of special features. There are some never-before-seen special extras that each movie is including. They range from conversations from key contributors to special in-depth looks at various parts of the movie. The downside to this release: all are special edition versions.

Wi-Fi Signal

WiFi Signal is a really handy app to have running on your Mac. It sits in the menu bar and gives constant updates about the health of your Wi-Fi signal. It will let you know your signal strength, data rate, channel recommendations, and much more. It’s only $.99, so there is no reason not to check it out. This is especially helpful when checking signal strength at various parts of your house.

Chef (2014 film)

A film about a professional chef who quits his trendy restaurant job to start a food truck with his friends, bonding with his son and rediscovering a passion for life along the way.

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