Camera Lens Review

For many photographers, having an excellent 35mm-equivalent lens in their arsenal is a must. After more than four years of development and despite its impressive range of available lenses, a truly outstanding 35mm-equivalent lens continues to elude the Micro Four Thirds system. This small, jewel-like lens from Olympus remains the only realistic choice for most people.

Photo Essay

In this 3-part series, we take a look at the latest trend in Madrid’s social scene: its food markets. In an amazing turnaround, these long-standing traditional markets have recently been doubling as hangout places for all kinds of people, from the hipster to the posh. Come see what all the fuss is about and don’t worry, the tapas are on us.

Audiobook Builder

Audiobook Builder is one of the apps that I use about six times a year, but it’s easily worth the $4.99 purchase price. It allows you to combine audio file, create chapter stops, and then end up with a .m4b audiobook file. This is especially helpful if you have a collection of lectures or seminars that you want to listen to. With an easy drag and drop interface, you can take dozens of audio files and send them to iTunes as a single file.

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