Oxygenics “Fury” RV Handheld Shower Head

If there’s one thing RVers can agree on, it’s that the shower heads that come factory installed are crap. Terrible pressure, terrible build quality…you get the idea.

We replaced ours with this Oxygenics shower head and have been pretty happy with it ever since. The way it works is, water is sent into a pressure chamber and then through an air vacuum that mixes the water molecules with oxygen, creating a higher-pressure effect even if the incoming pressure isn’t very high. In fact, the thing seems to use way less water than the old one did, yet to much better effect.

We’ve used our shower in all kinds of campgrounds and while boondocking in the wilderness (relying on our own onboard water pump), and we’ve never noticed a drop in pressure or felt like we couldn’t get clean. It’s a bit magical honestly.

The spray can be adjusted between five settings, ranging from widespread/gentle to focused/intense. And the fact that it can be taken off the wall mount and held in hand means we can get clean all over, even in our tiny shower space where there’s not much room to move around.

Really, my only quibble with the thing is that the built-in turnoff valve on the handle doesn’t completely shut off the water — a tiny bit continues flowing as you shampoo or whatever, unless you turn the shower itself completely off. You might get around this problem by installing a separate valve, but we haven’t tried it yet.

Get the Oxygenics Fury shower head for $43 on Amazon.