OXO Good Grips POP Cereal Dispensing Containers

Suppose you come from a cereal-loving family with varying tastes and rates of speed when it comes to finishing a given box. Or, maybe you live a weird life where you bounce from campground to campground with the chance of being struck by an ant invasion at any time. (Not that I, uh, have any experience with that or anything…)

So how do you make sure your favorite quick breakfast food and/or late-night snack stays fresh? Well, you’d be well served by picking up this 3-piece set of cereal dispensing containers by OXO Good Grips. Each one has two silicone seals that close airtight with a single press to keep cereal fresher, longer. They also work well for granola, rice, flour, pet food, and more.

The full set is $50 on Amazon, or you can buy a single one in small ($18), medium ($20), or large ($23).