ŌURA Fitness & Sleep Tracker Ring

The ŌURA — which is pronounced somewhat like “aura”, but more like OH-rah than OR-rah — is a fitness tracker device that takes the form of a ring rather than a wristband. The reason they went with this design is that the ŌURA’s built-in finger artery sensors can more accurately track factors such as…

  • How well you sleep each night
  • Which sleep phases you’re spending the most time in — i.e. light sleep, R.E.M., deep sleep, and wakefulness
  • Your physical activity, including total distance traveled, time spent sitting, and calories burned per day
  • Blood volume pulse and body temperature

Their free companion app takes all these metrics and synthesizes them into actionable data for you the next day, including summaries, trends, recommendations for improving your sleep, goal progress, and more. It also produces a “Readiness Score” that takes a bunch of factors and turns them into a simple measure for identifying which days are ideal for challenging yourself and which ones are better spent resting and recuperating.

In a nutshell, this nifty little gadget wants to help you get more restful sleep and perform better in your everyday life. It’s also pretty durable and waterproof up to 164 feet /50 meters, so you can go ahead and wear it while swimming/showering/whatever.

Visit the ŌURA site to learn more, or you can head straight to the product page to purchase one. It comes in three colors; the glossy “Arctic White” and “Mirror Black” are both $299, while the matte “Stealth Black” is $499.