Otis Jaxon Geometric (Single Piercing) Earrings

I’m not personally a guy who has piercings or wears jewelry much, but these eyecatching geometic earrings from the Otis Jaxon shop on Etsy are too cool not to mention. They have square ones, circles, triangles, and hearts — each available in a variety of colors like rose gold, silver, and black oxidized.

You’d think they’d require multiple piercings to work, but really it’s just a clever design where there’s a gap left in the shape, which swivels upward to rest in your upper ear after you’ve inserted it into your lobe. Very neat, and would make a perfect gift for someone else if you’re not the one planning to wear them.

These ‘optical illusion’ earrings are around $27 for a single one or around $50 for a pair. Near as I can tell, the prices are based on conversions from UK → US currency, so they may fluctuate from time to time.