OS X Mavericks

Today, Apple released the newest version of OS X, dubbed Mavericks.

While I wrote up a whole giant review over on 512 Pixels, I did want to highlight a few of the features here:

  • Better power management: Thanks to things with complicated names like “timer coalescing,” OS X Mavericks should run longer than Mountain Lion on notebooks.
  • iBooks: Apple’s brought the iBookStore and the ability to read books — even those created in iBooks Author — to the Mac.
  • Tags & Tabs in Finder: With Tags, files and folders can be organized regardless of their location (or iCloud status). As many, many people use tags in applications like Evernote, I think this will prove to be popular. While moving files used to mean opening a ton of Finder windows, things can now be done nice and neatly in one, tabbed window.

OS X Mavericks is free, and can be downloaded on the Mac App Store.