Orbitkey Vegan Leather + PET Felt Desk Mat

Like other desk mats, this one from Orbitkey has a primary job of protecting your desk from spills, scratches, and stains. What sets it apart from lower-end mats though are…

  1. Its document hideaway — between the vegan leather top layer and PET felt bottom — where you can store loose papers and notes for retrieval later.
  2. A storage toolbar along the top where you can keep writing utensils and other small accessories.



Included with the mat is a magnetic cable holder that can be placed anywhere along that top toolbar for convenient use:


Basically, this mat keeps your workspace tidy, organized, and protected from minor mishaps. You can get it on Amazon in two sizes and colors:

  • Large (35¼” x 16.7″): Black / Stone($100 each)
  • Medium (27″ x 14.7″): Black / Stone($80 each)

There’s also a brand-new ‘Slim’ variant that was just unveiled the other day, which moves the toolbar storage to the side rather than along the top. (Not available on Amazon yet as of September 16th, 2022.)