Opening Lines of Notable Novels — Print

Here’s one for the book nerds out there.

This upcoming print, titled A Diagrammatical Dissertation on Opening Lines of Notable Novels, is exactly what it sounds like: a diagram of opening lines in famous books. Examples include: Fahrenheit 451, Moby Dick, Gravity’s Rainbow, The Old Man and the Sea, Don Quixote, and a lot more.

The team at Pop Chart Lab have curated these sentences themselves, breaking each one down into a color-coded pictogram of its parts of speech. It looks pretty awesome and would fit in nicely with just about any decor, especially a room filled with bookshelves.

The print is available for preorder for $29, and is planned to start shipping on Monday, March 3rd 2014. You can view a huge (3,050 x 2,288 pixels) image of the print here.