The Monterey Backpack by ONA

Meet ONA’s newest backpack for photography enthusiasts, the Monterey. Based on their popular Camp’s Bay bag and named after a county in California, the Monterey has a more svelte silhouette yet still fits a DSLR kit (camera + up to 5 lenses) along with a 12″–13″ laptop.

Does this color combo seem familiar?

Does this color combo seem familiar?

It’s crafted from the company’s signature waxed canvas with beautiful full-grain leather accents — most notably, the top flap. This is the kind of backpack that will only look more gorgeous with age.

The front compartment (above, left) is where your photography gear will go. When you’re not shooting, the dividers in there can be taken out so the bag can be used like an everyday backpack. The top compartment is where you’ll find the padded laptop sleeve, which fits down behind the camera stuff. Also in that top area is a kind of shelf/tray (above, right) for your personal items, which can be adjusted to different heights.

As I write this (Aug 2nd, 2019) the Monterey is available in two colors, with two more coming soon:

  1. Olive (available now)
  2. Black (available now)
  3. Oxford Blue (Navy) (ships August 5th, 2019) — A perfect match, as it happens, for yesterday’s style guide 😉
  4. Smoke (ships August 15th, 2019)

Each of them runs for $349 at ONA.