‘On Web Typography’ by Jason Santa Maria

This morning the folks at A Book Apart released renowned graphic designer Jason Santa Maria’s new book, On Web Typography. The title says it all really, but I’ll go ahead and include their own foreword so you know what this is all about.

“Typography is your design’s voice and the most powerful tool you have to communicate with your readers. Learn how to wield type with care and wit: how to evaluate typefaces, consider technical constraints, create flexible typographic systems, and put together your own collection of favorite faces.

Jason Santa Maria wants you to see type beyond code or flourishes. You’ll discover how typography shapes the way we read and how you can adapt the craft’s practices for the screen. So go ahead. Choose, combine, and set typefaces with ease—and invite readers in.”

The paperback version of On Web Typography is $18 (it was sold out when I first scheduled this post but appears to be back in stock as of 4pm CDT, Aug 5th 2014) and the ebook is just $9. You can also purchase them together as a $22.50 bundle.

A free excerpt is available here.