Omicoo LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

Omicoo’s LED flame bulb is a nifty light bulb that creates an animated torch- or lantern-like fire effect rather than simply glowing. Looks a little something like this:


It’s got three main light modes — the flickering fire one, a “breathing” one that repeatedly dims and brightens, and a general glowing mode like a regular light — plus a gravity sensor that allows the bulb to be installed upside-down and have the flame animation automatically flipped to match.

In other words, these novelty bulbs are the perfect way to create a vintage atmosphere around your home throughout the holiday season.

Amazon is awash with these things, so you really have your pick of the litter, but I decided on the Omicoo model after watching this guy’s comparison video, where it beat out models from three other brands:

You can get a two-pack of these bulbs for $16 on Amazon. If you want to double up and save a couple bucks, the four-pack is $30.