NSHipster: Obscure Topics in Cocoa & Objective-C

Mattt Thompson is the voice behind NSHipster, a weekly journal about aspects of Objective-C and Cocoa you’ve probably never heard of. It’s an awesome resource of useful tips, with a great mix of developer-talk and humor.

Thompson is taking articles from NSHipster, along with over a dozen new essays, and combining them into a book titled NSHipster: Obscure Topics in Cocoa & Objective-C. The book will be released on November 12th 2013, but can be pre-ordered now for $19.

So what’s covered in the book? Well, here’s the table of contents:

  • Objective-C, LLVM, & UNIX
  • Foundation & Core Foundation
  • System Frameworks
  • API Design
  • Localization, Internationalization & Accessibility
  • Community

If you’re at all interested in the world of Mac and iOS development, and you like supporting indie creators, definitely pick up this book.