Norpro “Tad, Dash, Pinch, Smidgen, and Drop” Novelty Measuring Spoons

Imagine it: You gift these silly measuring spoons to your frenemy, or that one cousin you’ve had a longstanding prank war with, or if you’re feeling mean enough, your sweet old grandma. Whoever it is, you know they’re going to need a measuring spoon one day, and eventually they’re going to pull this set out of the kitchen drawer, thinking they’re the real deal.

Maybe they never looked closely enough at the “measurement” markings. Maybe they did notice and scoffed, then forgot about it after putting them away. The point is, one day you’ll faintly hear your name being cursed on the wind, and you’ll smile wickedly to yourself, knowing the deed was done.

At just $8 for the set, that feeling is worth every penny. Now if only I could find a (mostly empty) little hourglass that reads “JIFFY” on the side…