Norpro “Grip-EZ” Stainless Steel Spring-Action Scoop

Sometimes it’s the more obscure kitchen tools that can make life so much easier when you break them out. A stainless steel spring-action scoop like this one from the folks at Norpro is a perfect example, because you can use it for so many things — e.g. portioning doughs and batters for baking, serving ice cream, making meatballs, scooping melon, or even making your rice dishes feel a little ~fancier.~


The portioning bit is my favorite use-case. It couldn’t be easier to ensure that every single cookie or muffin you make is the same size across an entire batch. The two-tablespoon size ($20) is my go-to choice for most jobs, but they have a variety of others to choose from in case your needs are different from mine:

No matter which size you get, you’ll enjoy the soft-grip handle that makes it comfortable to use over extended periods of baking and more.