Nomad MagSafe “Sport Case” for iPhone 13

Available now for all iPhone 13 models, Nomad’s new Sport Case series was designed with minimalists in mind. Featuring five subtle color hues with a glossy backing and a protective TPE bumper around the edge, each of these cases blends in with almost any outfit and can be slipped in and out of a pocket easily, while remaining surprisingly grippy in the hand.

The cases feature two standout features:

  1. MagSafe — Yep, the case works with Apple’s MagSafe charger, so charging that way remains easy as ever. It’s also compatible with wireless charging solutions.


  2. Digital Business Card — Interestingly, there’s an NFC chip built into the case, so if you tap the back of it to another iPhone, you can share your contact info, social media, and more. See the video below:

You can purchase the Sport Case for $40 from Nomad’s site.