Nokia Lumia 925

I am an ardent iPhone fan, and maybe the least likely candidate to ever buy a Windows Phone, but I have to admit that the newly-announced Nokia Lumia 925 looks very nice. Gone are the intense, almost-garish colors of the Lumia 920, and in their place is a range of more muted tones. Much more my style.

The focus (pardon the expression) of the Lumia 925 seems to be its enhanced photo optics. Technically it’s the same camera as the 920, but they’ve added a sixth lens made of glass on top of the other five plastic lenses. They’ve also added a Smart Camera mode, which gives users additional capabilities such as burst-photography, and even a method of taking peoples’ faces from multiple group photos and combining them into a single great one. That’s nuts.

The 925 is expected to start selling sometime in June, so if you’re interested in Windows Phones, keep an eye on this one.