Nock Co. — Pen Cases and Writing Accessories

It’s been nine months since we first wrote about Nock Co., the pen-and-paper accessories startup co-founded by our friend Brad Dowdy. I won’t belabor any childbirth references here (well I guess I just did), but I’m excited to say that their store is finally open for business.

If you’re like us and partial to nice pens and Field Notes notebooks, Nock Co. should be up your alley. Here are some of their offerings:

  • Brasstown ($35) — Six-slot pen case that rolls up into a small bag, which itself can hold other small accessories.
  • Lookout ($20) — Three-pen holster with flap enclosure.
  • Maryapple ($15) — Two-pocket bi-fold that can comfortably hold up to four memo books.
  • Hightower ($20) — Another bi-fold, but this one has three pen slots on one side and a single memo book pocket on the other.

These accessories (and others not listed here) are hand-made from quality nylon materials, each with a variety of colorways to choose from. Nock Co. also sells a few paper products, such as their 3×5 DotDash note cards ($6 for 50).