NITECORE “TUP” 1000-Lumen Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight

Nitecore’s rechargeable TUP flashlight takes the power of a full-size torch and packs it into a supremely compact size that fits easily into a pocket or on your keychain.

It packs 1000 lumens of output thanks to the built-in Cree XP-L HD V6 LED light — which can be adjusted between 5 brightness levels, all the way down to an ultralow 1 lumen — powered by a 1,200mAh Li-ion battery that runs for up to 70 hours straight and is charged via micro-USB. All of this comes in a high-strength aluminum alloy shell with a scratch-resistant hard-anodized finish.

On top of being so powerful for its tiny stature, the TUP has a small (yet easily readable) OLED display on the front that can tell you the flashlight’s battery level and voltage, its brightness level, and the runtime remaining:


On the back of the light is a generous clip that keeps it within easy reach in your pocket, or lets you clip it onto your hat brim for hands-free use.

Get the TUP in either Hi-Tech Black ($63) or Metallic Gray ($61).