NITECORE NTP30 Titanium Tactical Pen

NITECORE is mostly known for making great flashlights, but it seems they’ve decided to branch out a bit with a series of titanium pens like the NTP30.

This is a tactical pen that doesn’t look like one. At first glance people would assume you’ve simply got great taste in pens, but by sliding the bolt upward in its L-shaped groove, the pen reveals a small tungsten steel spike that’s hard and sharp enough to cut metal.


Great for breaking glass in an emergency, or as a surprise self-defense weapon.


As a writing implement, the NTP30 serves its purpose well. It’s lightweight, feels great in the hand, doesn’t slide in your fingers as you write, and writes smoothly enough. It comes with a trusty Schneider Gelion 39 rollerball refill but works with any Parker-style refills, in case you have a preference there.

You can get the NTP30 for $120 on Amazon.