Newsight’s Reversible Umbrella Collection

You know what’s always annoying about umbrellas? When you fold one as you come in from the rain, only to have it sit there dripping all over your floor or car interior. But that’s not what happens when you use a reversible umbrella like this.

What makes this design special are the two canopy layers that fold “inside out” — that is, the ribs fold upward instead of the other way around, the bottom layer becoming the exterior one and the top layer nestling inside of that. This keeps all those rain droplets safely contained inside until you’re ready to pour them out and let the umbrella air-dry.

Almost as neat is the fact that, once the water’s out and the umbrella’s still folded, it can be flipped over to stand upright on its own or simply hung from your wrist using the C-shaped hook handle.

The dual canopies are made from high-density, water-repellent 210T pongee fabric, and they work together excellently to keep both strong light and UV rays off you. The fabric also comes in a wide array of colors and designs, each of which can be shown off when the thing’s folded:


Get any of the available umbrella designs for $19–$23 on Amazon.