NeuYear x Focused 2022 Dry-Erase Calendar

Over the years we’ve written about several editions of the NeuYear Calendar, which displays each given year in its entirety rather than splitting months into separate pages. Well, the NeuYear folks have just released their third collaboration with the hosts of the Focused podcast on RelayFM, and it’s ready to help you start planning out your 2022 year.

On his MacSparky blog, show cohost David Sparks writes:

The idea behind the Focused calendar is to give you the big picture at a glance. I’ve had one of these on my wall now for a few years and despite my love of gadgets, there is nothing like the clarity you get from having the year’s big obligations and projects staring back at me every day.

We’ve made further improvements this year as well. We’ve improved the customizable habit tracking bubbles and the calendar is laminated for dry erase markers.

Here’s a closer look at those habit tracking bubbles he mentions:


And as with previous NeuYear Calendars, you can simply flip it over to the backside if you prefer landscape orientation:


Now while the months aren’t split into separate pages, it’s worth noting that the fully displayed year is broken into four color-coded quarters, which some users may find helpful in their planning:

This [background shading] allows you to set your goals for each quarter and track them visually, and also gives you built-in reset periods if things don’t go exactly according to plan. Buffer weeks are even built-in, giving you space to think through what worked and what didn’t, celebrate your successes, and make the small adjustments necessary to get back on track.

Get this clever dry-erase calendar for $28 on the NeuYear site.