Nest 3.0

Considering that I added a second Nest to my home over the summer, it’s “perfect timing” that the 3.0 version would come out just a few months later. Coming in at $249 (the same price as the 2.0 version), Nest 3.0 is thinner than prior versions and includes a bigger and sharper display. Nest claims that it’s readable from across the room.

Another new feature is called Farsight. When you walk into a room with Nest, Farsight lights up and shows you the temperature you set or the time.

Another new feature allows Nest to notice irregular shut off patterns in your units and can alert you to potential issues. This will be coming to the first and second generation Nest units later this year. I own two second generation models, and I am a huge fan of the Nest. I love being able to control my unit remotely.

You can buy the third-generation Nest for just $249 on Amazon.