Neosmuk Magnetic Hooks

If you’ve ever taken a cruise, you know that storage space in your stateroom almost always comes at a premium. (Unless you’re able to spring for one of those super deluxe balcony ones or something, and I can’t really speak to that.) What I’ve discovered over time is that ship cabins often have a surprising number of surfaces that magnets will stick to, which opens up possibilities for some clever storage solutions.

As such, these magnet hooks should be an essential part of every cruiser’s packing list. You just stick them on the wall, ceiling, or your stateroom door, and boom, you’ve now got lots of convenient new places to hang bags, wet bathing suits, actual clothes hangers, lanyards, hats, jewelry, or whatever. Heck, we’ve even used them to put up the works of art our children have drawn/colored at the kids’ clubs.

You don’t just have to use them on cruises though. At home, you can stick them on your fridge, laundry machine(s), etc. and use them as places to hang keys, cooking utensils, and more.

The hooks come in packs of 10, each in a variety of color options and in your choice of weight capacity: