Neat Ice Kit Now Available

In the middle of running a Kickstarter for their Simple Syrup Kit, the industrious guys at Studio Neat have redesigned their website and they’ve made their Neat Ice Kit available for public purchase.

This kit allows you to make beautifully clear ice in your own kitchen. It involves an insulated, block-shaped ice mold that freezes water from the top down, pushing impurities to the bottom. The resulting ice block looks like this:

Neat Ice Kit

Using the tools provided, the cloudy portion can be broken off and used in a drink shaker before being tossed, while the clear portion can cut into one giant cube, several smaller cubes, or crushed. This thing is sure to be a hit with your cookout guests.

A single-mold kit is $55, and a double-mold kit is $75. Get it from Studio Neat.