Navdy (coming early 2015) is an intriguing little heads-up display that mounts on your car dash. As their Sandwich-produced video explains, Navdy is capable of many things:

  • Real-time turn-by-turn navigation instructions.
  • Displaying things like your current speed, RPM, or fuel economy.
  • Displays texts (which you can reply to using your voice) and other notifications from your phone. Much safer than staring at your phone while driving.
  • Accepting and initiating calls, also without looking at your phone.
  • Playing, pausing, and skipping music streaming from any app on your phone.

The HUD projector is designed in such a way that the display appears to float outside your windshield, so your eyes don’t have to refocus much to take in its information.

As of this writing (Aug 8th, 2014), there are 27 days remaining for the special pre-order campaign that allows you to get a Navdy for $299—40% off the eventual $499 price. It should be noted that Navdy will not require a subscription fee, as it uses the data plan of your smartphone.