Native Union Smart Hub Bridge

Traveling with this Native Union charging hub is so great that I had to give it a write up. If you need a charger for trips (or your nightstand at home), check this out.

Drew Coffman

Over at our sister site, The Sweet Setup, guest contributor Drew Coffman published a review of the Native Union Smart Hub Bridge, a high-speed 4-port USB charger with two AC outlets and an 8-foot extension, all in a retro-style package. He writes:

At this point, I plan on taking the Smart Hub Bridge along every time I travel. [It’s] a device so good that it might end up not only getting put inside your carry on, but also taking a permanent position on your night stand. A device that can charge all your tech and look good in the process is a worthwhile charger, indeed.

The review is a fairly quick read, so I recommend heading over and doing so. If you want to check out the Smart Hub Bridge directly, it’s $55 on Amazon and comes in a taupe color.