Native Union “Desk” Laptop Stand

Crafted from premium matte-finished aluminum with a weighted base, a nonslip silicone grip, and sturdy hinges, Native Union’s new Desk Laptop Stand is designed to be a more robust at-home solution than their more lightweight, travel-ready laptop stands like the Rise and Fold.


Whether you prefer standing or sitting, this sleek and modern stand adapts to your needs, allowing you to find the perfect height and angle for your laptop or tablet. It can elevate your device up to 60cm (~24″) high for optimal viewing and to relieve neck/shoulder strain while working.

It’s compatible with all laptops and tablets up to 5kg (11 lbs), including MacBook, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo ThinkPad, and more.


Moreover, the stand is crafted with thoughtful details that combine functionality with style. That weighted base I mentioned earlier doubles as a storage tray with a convenient pen/stylus holder, helping to keep your workspace neat and organized.

And, the top surface itself is covered with 100% recycled fabric that adds a warm touch to the stand, not to mention adding anti-scratch protection for the sake of your laptop/tablet.


The Native Union Desk Laptop Stand is your ticket to a more comfortable, stylish, and ergonomic workspace. Get it for $80 on Amazon in your choice of Black or Slate Green.