Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Way back in early 2015, I wrote about the Minipresso, a handheld espresso maker created by a company called Wacaco. I somehow only recently learned that in April 2017, they introduced the Nanopresso, a smaller, lighter model that’s…

  1. Made with even better materials.
  2. Easier to clean thanks to the more simplified components that can be separated as needed.
  3. Actually manages to hold more coffee and water than its predecessor, despite its smaller stature.
  4. Generates 18 bars of stable pressure (261 PSI) during extraction, and for 15% less force than it takes on the Minipresso.

With this thing as your travel companion, you can make yourself an excellent cup of espresso just about anywhere. You can use it with hot or cold water, and you’ll still get a lovely crema out of it.

Get the Nanopresso for $65 on Amazon.