Nanoleaf “Skylight” Smart Ceiling Light Panels

One day we will have the technology to fully recreate the enchanted ceiling from Hogwarts, but until then, we’ll have to make do with something a little less fantastical. However, that’s not to say we don’t already have some cool options to choose from.

While they can’t recreate an exact image of the outside sky, Nanoleaf’s new Skylight smart ceiling light panels do bring a sort of magic to your interior space. They’re a collection of modular square lights that flushly mount to your ceiling, with only one main controller panel needing to be hardwired and an additional 99 panels able to be connected to it.


Once installed, each of the panels offers soft and natural multi-point lighting that can be configured exactly as you like, with over 16 million colors to choose from, and whites that can run from cool to warm (2700K–6500K) in color.


From their January press release:

Seamlessly adjust colors and Scenes like “Gentle Rain” or “Sun Shower” to set the ideal ambience for morning to evening routines in the bedroom or focus time in office spaces. With Schedules, wake up to a gentle sunrise Scene filled with soft oranges and pinks to help energize you in the mornings, and ease yourself to sleep as you lay under a glimmering star effect when winding down for the evening.

These color palettes, automations, and dynamic scenes can all be controlled remotely via the Nanoleaf app, or you can connect it to your preferred smart home ecosystem and use voice controls. You can also turn the system off and on with a standard light switch, but it will automatically default to a warm white at 100% brightness.


The $250 “Smarter Kit” comes with three Skylight panels to get you started. An expansion pack should be coming to Amazon soon, but I don’t know exactly when.