Marcos Tanaka’s “MusicHarbor” Music Release Tracking App for iOS & Mac

Have you ever gotten the urge to listen to a favorite music artist of yours, gone into Apple Music or Spotify to type in their name, and suddenly discovered they’d released a new album or two a while back that you’d never even heard of? “How did I not know about this??”

If that sounds familiar, you’ll want to check out the MusicHarbor app developed by Marcos Tanaka, which keeps you up-to-date on that sort of thing so you’re never left in the dark.

The way it works is, you can have it scan your music library to find all the artists you listen to, or you can add them manually. Either way, once added in the app, you’ll be notified of new releases, upcoming ones, and even future concert dates/locations (although, for obvious reasons, that particular feature isn’t likely to be useful for most of us right now).

Last month, Federico Viticci listed MusicHarbor as MacStories’ app of the year for 2020:

MusicHarbor easily deserves an award on its technological merits alone: no app does a better job at letting you discover new music, and it’s the foremost example of a modern app for Apple platforms in 2020. But there’s another, perhaps intangible, yet pervasive quality to MusicHarbor that makes it stand out among all the apps we used, tested, and wrote about this year:

I purposely left off the rest of that paragraph so you’ll have to click through to read his conclusion for yourself 😜

Anyway, go download MusicHarbor and check it out for yourself. It’s totally free so there’s no harm in trying it, unless you choose to opt for one of its in-app purchases: