MultiMarkdown Converter Pro for Mac

A few months ago, MultiMarkdown developer Fletcher Penney announced that he would soon be releasing a Mac utility called MultiMarkdown Converter Pro that would offer quick and easy conversion of text documents into any MMD-friendly format:

There’s no more need to memorize terminal commands to make full use of MultiMarkdown. Not everyone needs this, which is fine. But it makes MMD easier to use for anyone who is unfamiliar with the Terminal, or just doesn’t want to be bothered with keeping an installation of MMD up to date.

Thanks to a blog post by David Sparks, I found out MMD Converter is now available on the Mac App Store.

What it does it let you drag and drop a text file onto the window and convert it into formats like HTML5, EPUB 3 (including images!), LaTeX, and Flat OpenDocument. It also supports CriticMarkup syntax and footnotes, the ability to convert “quotes” to “smart quotes”, and can batch-process multiple files at once.

A useful utility, this. Get it for just $5 on the Mac App Store.