Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition [200 CD Box Set]

Mozart 225 is quite possibly the most formidable music collection based on a single artist’s work that I’ve ever seen.

Released to commemorate the 225th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s death, this 200-CD set presents every single fragment of the man’s genius, featuring over 240 hours of music — including five hours of new recordings, some of which are premieres of previously lost compositions — along with 600 solo performers and ensembles (including 60 orchestras), plus two lavishly illustrated hardcover books that offer hours of reading material in addition to the music itself.

There’s so much more to this set than I can get into here. I suggest reading the top Amazon review, which was written by someone who clearly knows their stuff and has an obsession with collecting classical music.

You can purchase this set for $340 at Amazon. It’s expensive, sure, but at $1.70 per CD it’s actually not too bad a deal.

If you buy the Mozart 225 collection, you might as well pick up the director’s cut of Amadeus while you’re at it. Just don’t watch it with kids; the story of Mozart’s life is not a wholesome one.