‘Morning Star’ by Pierce Brown

It’s taken a little more time to do it (mostly due to travel), but I finished Pierce Brown’s Morning Star, the conclusion to the Red Rising sci-fi trilogy. I don’t think I should describe much of the story here given that it’s the finale of the series, but I will say that, once again, Brown’s writing is the real star here:

That gulf that divided us is still there, filled with questions and recrimination and guilt, but that’s only part of love, part of being human. Everything is cracked, everything is stained except the fragile moments that hang crystalline in time and make life worth living.

(I should also note there’s a point in the book where he managed to add a real-world meme phrase without it being overly dorky or out of place. It caught me by surprise enough that I choke-laughed. You’ll see when you get there.)

After doing a bit of reflecting on the series, I still hold up Golden Son as the best of the three, but Morning Star certainly wrapped every loose end in a satisfying and thrilling way.

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