Mophie “Juice Pack” Battery Case Returns for the iPhone 15 Series

Man, it’s been a super long time since we’ve written about one of Mophie’s Juice Pack phone cases. We’ve covered so many portable chargers in recent years, we’d almost forgotten how much we missed those cases that have battery packs built right in, which used to be practically standard-issue for those of us who try to keep and use our devices as long as possible before upgrading.

Today I’m happy to point your attention to the Juice Pack case for the iPhone 15 family, which, after years of the lineup being absent from the market — most likely thanks to Apple releasing their own battery case back in 2015 — has finally made its triumphant return!


Like previous editions of this battery case, the new Juice Pack is an all-in-one solution that handles both your iPhone charging and device protection needs without having to carry around an additional power pack or any cables. The top and bottom pieces easily slot together over your iPhone, with a USB-C connector in the lower portion inserting into the charge port.


Once installed, simply press the button on the back — which doubles as a way to check the charge level at any time — to begin steadily delivering power to your phone, granting an additional 50% battery life on a given day — which can make all the difference. 🔋📲


In addition to the convenience it offers, the case is rather slim for what it is, and doesn’t add an awkward amount of bulk on the back the way a MagSafe battery pack sometimes can.

Get the new Juice Pack $100 on Amazon. It’s available for the iPhone 15 (2,400 mAh), 15 Pro (2,400 mAh), and 15 Pro Max (3,000 mAh) models.