Mod Folio

The Mod Folio is a leather case for securely carrying an iPad mini and other small items such as cards, pens, earbuds, and more. What makes it really interesting is that they have all these various inserts—each designed with a different purpose in mind—that magnetically attach to the inner spine of the folio.

Say you buy the Traveler Mod to start with, which is perfect for holding passports and boarding passes. When you’re not traveling, you could swap out the Traveler Insert for a Shooter Insert (sold separately), which can hold mobile photography accessories like the Glif tripod mount, a GPod Mini Magnetic Stand, and more. Whether you’re a writer, musician, illustrator, designer, or anyone else really, they’ve got an insert that should meet your needs.

Each Mod Folio ranges in price from $250 to $290, while the inserts range from $60 to $100.