Moccamaster Coffee Maker

Contrary to popular opinion, we are not anti-every-single-drip-coffee-maker-out-there. The Moccamaster is the exception. I once knew a man who took his Moccamaster with him whenever he went to a friend’s house — he refused to drink coffee any other way. He once brought it to my home, and I will confess that the coffee was delicious.

In addition to being regarded as making some of the best drip coffee a home drip coffee maker can make, the Moccamaster also has one huge feature that I am particularly a fan of: the coffee drips into a thermos.

You see, one of the worst features of most home drip coffee makers is the warming pad that keeps the glass coffee pot warm. That warmer ends up making the coffee worse over time. The best way to keep coffee hot is to put it in a thermos. And the Moccamaster brews it directly in.

Want one that’s bigger? The standard Moccamaster brews into a 1.25-L thermos.