Mileage Log+ for iPhone

My wife runs her own dance school, which often requires us to leave town for competitions and performances. On those trips, we track our mileage and travel expenses for tax purposes. Nothing a simple notepad can’t handle, but I am a nerd so I enjoy the extra bells and whistles of an app like Mileage Log+ for iPhone.

Made by the same people behind Launch Center Pro, Mileage Log+ lets you track individual trips by inputting various kinds of information: start and end locations (which ML+ will use to estimate the distance traveled), the purpose of the trip, the vehicle used, odometer readings, expense rates per mile, costs, dates and times, categories, and notes.

Trips you make frequently can be saved for quick and easy input later. All trips can be exported in PDF or CSV format, and your data can be synced/backed up via Dropbox. I’d like to see a notebook do that.

Mileage Log+ normally costs $10, but is down to only $3 for the next six days (ending on April 16th, 2014) as part of the StackSocial iOS Bundle sale.